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What is Royal Match APK

Royal Matchย is a fun card game that requires players to make pairs with their cards to win. The game’s goal is to match up two cards of the same rank and suit. To start the game, each player receives four cards face down. Then, the players turn over two of their cards, trying to find a pair of either the same rank or the same suit.

If a player succeeds in finding such a pair, they collect those two cards and put them aside, scoring one point for each card matched. The round then continues until all four cards have been revealed, at which point the points are totaled, and the player with the highest score wins the game.


To the Dealer’s left, the player starts the game by asking another player for one specific card from their hand (either a rank or suit). If that player has the requested card, they must give it to the player who asked for it and pick up one of the cards from the middle of the table. This continues until all six cards have been exchanged and all players have three face-up cards in front of them.

Once all exchanges are complete, players compare their hands to see if they can form any matches โ€“ i.e., two or more cards with the same rank or suit (or both). Any matches made by either player earn them one point.

If no matches can be made, players take back any of the original cards they still had in their hands, and the game begins again. Play continues until someone has scored five points or a pre-determined score is reached, at which point, whoever has the highest score wins!

Feature of Royal Match APK

Royal Match is a classic card game for two players, offering hours of fun and challenge. The game’s objective is to create as many Royal Matches (consisting of King-Queen pairs from any suit) as possible. Each player is dealt five cards face down from a standard deck of 52 playing cards, with the remaining cards placed in a draw pile between them.

Each player draws one card from the draw pile at each turn and may either add it to their hand or discard it in a separate discard pile. A player may make as many discards as they choose but cannot add more than one card per turn to their hand. Once a player has discarded all their cards, their opponent takes the last card in the draw pile and must use it as their first move.

The game ends when either player creates a Royal Match (or multiple matches), or all cards have been drawn, and there are no more possible matches left on the table. At this point, whichever player has created more Royal Matches wins the game!

A Casino Card Game

Royal Match is a casino card game that can be played with one or more decks of 52 cards. The game’s objective is to form as many pairs as possible of face cards (Jacks, Queens and Kings) in the same suit.

The game begins with the Dealer dealing out all the cards from the deck(s). Players take turns flipping over two cards from their hands, attempting to form a pair. If they are successful, they collect both cards.ย 

Players may also form royal matches โ€“ Jack, Queen, and King in the same suit โ€“ for bonus points. These matches must be declared by saying Royal Match before they can claim it. Players who make royal matches collect three additional cards and receive a point bonus for forming this type of match.

The game ends when there are no more cards to turn over in each player’s hands or when either player has collected all possible pairs. The winner is determined by counting how many pairs each player has collected and any additional points earned through royal matches.

A thrilling game of luck and strategy.

Royal Match is a thrilling card game that combines luck with skill and strategy. Players must build their hands by drawing cards from the deck, trying to match Royal Flush’s hands while keeping their opponent from doing the same. Players are dealt two hole cards at the beginning of each round, which they can combine with three additional community cards drawn in the middle of the table to make the best five-card poker hand possible.

Players can raise bets or fold to outwit each other during betting rounds before and after the reveal of community cards. When all players have made their bets or folded, the remaining players must show their hole cards to determine who has won. The winner will take all the chips from those who didn’t match a Royal Flush and be declared victorious!ย 

The rules are simple:

  • Each player is dealt five cards face-down.
  • Both players look at their hands and select which three cards they want to make a ‘Royal Match’ hand with, leaving the other 2 for a second hand.
  • Players must have at least one matching suit in their Royal Match and Secondary hands to win the game.
  • After selections are made, players reveal their hands and compare scores.
  • The higher-scoring combination wins.
  • Aces are high, and the suits do not matter when calculating the score; only numerical values do (with an Ace being worth 14 points)
  • If both players have equal scores, then it is considered a draw.
  • In case of a draw, no one is awarded any points.

How to Download and Install Royal Match APK

Step1. Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the Royal Match download.

Step2. Download the appropriate version of Royal Match for your operating system.

Step3. Once the file is downloaded, double-click on it to open the installation wizard.

Step4. Follow the prompts in the installation wizard to install Royal Match on your device.

Step5. Once installation is complete, you can launch Royal Match and begin playing!


  • Q: What is Royal Match?
  • A: Royal Match is an exciting card game based on Blackjack. Players are dealt two cards, and the goal is to create a combination of 21 with your cards and the Dealer’s card while still beating the Dealer’s total.
  • Q: How do I play?
  • A: To begin playing Royal Match, you’ll need to make a bet in the betting circle. After making your bet, the Dealer will deal out two face-up cards for each player and one face-down card for themselves. Players will then have to decide whether to hit or stay. If you decide to hit, the Dealer will give you another card until you decide to stay or your hand has reached 21. If at any point your total exceeds 21, then you lose automatically.
  • Q: Are there any rules of thumb I should know when playing?
  • A: One of the essential tips to remember when playing Royal Match is never to split Aces and Eights since this combination offers very low odds of success. Additionally, it is recommended that players double down when their first two cards are a 10 or 11 value and hit if their first two cards are less than a nine value. Lastly, always try to match the Dealer’s total but stay within it.
  • Q: What kind of payouts can I expect from Royal Match?
  • A: Payouts vary depending on where you’re playing, but typically winning hands are paid out 1:1 (also known as even money), while Blackjacks (a total of 21 with two cards) payout 3:2 and Royal Match hands (total of 21 with three cards) payout 2:1.


Royal Match provides an enjoyable strategy-based challenge that encourages creativity due to its customizable nature and intricate designs; it offers excellent replayability value due to its flexibility when playing with varying numbers of decks and variations in suit design, giving endless hours of enjoyment whether playing alone or with others!

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