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Nov 8, 2022
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What is Real Cricket 22 APK

Real Cricket 22 APK is a free, official cricket game for Android and iOS devices. The app offers live cricket scores, commentary, and real-time player tracking. You can also download the Real Cricket APK to create your cricket world.

Real Cricket 22

It’s a fast-paced and exciting game that everyone can enjoy. However, Cricket isn’t just for fun. It’s a highly competitive sport that can be used for training and recreation. And if you want to take your game to the next level, you need to download the Real Cricket 22 APK.

This is a simulator that allows you to play against other players online. Not only is this a great way to improve your skills, but it’s also a great way to learn about different cricketing strategies. So download Real Cricket 22 today and get ready to improve your game!

Actual Cricket 22 release date

Real Cricket 22 is a new cricket game for Android that was just released. The game is free to download and play, and it has an interesting premise: you control a team of real players as they play against other teams in tournaments.

The game is based on real-life cricket leagues, so you’ll experience the excitement of international matches. You can compete in tournaments or try different strategies to see which works best.

This is available on Google Play, so check it out if you’re a fan of cricket games!

Features of Real Cricket APK

Real Cricket 22 is a new cricket app that allows you to play against other players worldwide. The app has various features, including real-time multiplayer, live scores, and more. You can also customize your avatar and team.


This is an app developed by Flamingo Sports Ltd. that simulates the game of Cricket on a mobile device. The app has been designed with realistic graphics and animations to give players a true-to-life experience of playing the sport.

The app offers users various modes, including tutorials that teach them how to play the game correctly, world cups, championships, and individual matches. It also allows users to create their teams and leagues and track their progress online.

Real Cricket 22 is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about the sport or improve their skills. It is also great for game fans who want to experience it in a more realistic way than conventional apps can offer.


Real Cricket 22 is a challenging game that will keep you entertained for hours. The game features realistic graphics and gameplay that immerse you in the experience. You’ll have to master the art of batting and bowling to win matches, and plenty of challenges will be faced along the way. So whether you’re a seasoned cricket fan or just getting started, This is sure to provide an exciting experience.

Real Cricket 22


Authentic stadiums accurately represent the real-life venues where cricket matches are typically played. As a result, these stadiums offer a more immersive experience for players and spectators and help to create a more realistic atmosphere for cricket games.

Some of the most authentic stadiums in Cricket include the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Lord’s Cricket Ground, The Oval, and Eden Gardens in Kolkata. Each of these venues has been used for many high-profile international matches over the years, and their authenticity is clear from the details included in their virtual representations.

Other stadiums that often make an impression as authentic have been designed explicitly for Cricket. For example, the Manchester United Football Club stadium is highly detailed and accurately portrays its real-life counterpart at Old Trafford. Similarly, the WACA ground in Perth features life-like rain effects and stands that faithfully replicate their real-world counterparts.


Real Cricket 22 is a new cricket game for Android that takes the best features of popular games, such as Cricket Pro and Cricket Touch, and combines them into one app. The user interface is sleek, the gameplay is smooth, and many features keep you entertained for hours on end.

One of the most incredible things about This is that it incorporates real-world physics into the game. This means that balls will curve and dip in response to the conditions on the field. This makes for some truly unique gameplay experiences.

This is worth downloading if you’re a cricket game fan. It’s packed with features, looks great on Android devices, and offers an exciting playing experience that will have you hooked from start to finish.

Real Cricket 22


Real Cricket 22 allows you to experience the game like never before. The app features live commentary by top cricket experts, giving you a unique insight into the game. You can also interact with the commentators, asking them questions and getting their opinions on the match. The app is available on Android and iOS platforms so everyone can enjoy it.


Real Cricket 22 has been one of the most popular games in the Play Store for a while now, and it’s easy to see why – this is a well-executed game. The graphics are great, the gameplay is smooth and responsive, and the controls are simple to learn but challenging to master.

Real Cricket has a few different modes: single-player, Multiplayer, and tournaments. In Singleplayer, you can take on the world or play against specific opponents in multiple challenges. Multiplayer lets you take on other players head-to-head or in teams of two, and tournaments offer an ever-growing selection of challenges with unique rewards.

Overall, This is a fantastic game that offers plenty of content for cricket gaming fans. It’s well worth checking out if you’re looking for something to pass the time or if you’re looking for a new cricket game to add to your collection.


Real Cricket 22 is an android app that simulates live cricket matches, allowing you to play as either team and compete against others worldwide. The app has a solid following, with users praising its realistic graphics and gameplay.

The app offers various modes, including a franchise mode, where you can manage your team, and online multiplayer mode, where you can challenge other players worldwide. In addition to real cricket matches, the app includes various training drills and challenges to help improve your skills.

Overall, This is a well-made android app that offers realistic cricket gameplay for fans of the sport. It’s easy to use and worth downloading if you’re looking for a fun way to spend time on your device.


Real Cricket is a free and realistic cricket game for Android. It features stunning graphics, real-world physics, and challenging gameplay. The game has over 100 challenges and many ways to customize your playing experience. This is the perfect cricket game for fans of the sport who want to experience the challenge and fun of real-world cricketing situations.

Real Cricket 22

Real Cricket 22 download

Real Cricket 22 is a free and real-time cricket game for Android. It’s one of the best cricket games on the Play Store, and it’s constantly being updated with new features.

The game is simple, with two buttons to control your shots: left and right arrow keys. You can also use the joystick to control your pace, but I recommend using the arrow keys as they’re more accurate.

There are three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and challenging. The more complex levels require more precision and accuracy with your shots, so be prepared to practice a lot if you want to achieve high scores in Real Cricket!

There are many different players and teams to choose from, and other camera angles give you a unique game view. You can even choose between 3 different weather conditions – sunshine, rain, or snow – which adds a layer of realism to the game.

Overall, This is one of my favorite android cricket games, and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a challenging yet enjoyable experience.

How to install and play Real Cricket?

Real Cricket 22 is an Android app that lets you play cricket games against other users. The app includes cricket games, including T20, ODI, and Test matches. You can also create your own cricket game to share with other players.

First, download the app from the Google Play store to install Real Cricket on your Android phone. Once the app is downloaded, open it and click the ‘Play’ button. Next, select a match from the list of options to start playing a game and click on the ‘Start Game’ button. You can also play multiplayer games by joining one of the available communities.


  • Q: What is Real Cricket?
  • Real Cricket is a cricket match simulator app developed by PlayCricket. It offers a realistic experience of the sport with high-quality graphics and sound. Players can customize their teams and play matches against others in either single or multiplayer modes. There are also various challenges and tournaments available to participate in, making Real Cricket an engaging and rewarding experience.
  • Q: How does Real Cricket work?
  • The app is based on the real-life game of Cricket and uses motion-tracking technology to create a realistic playing experience. Players control their characters with touch controls, selecting shots from the bowler’s arm, hitting the ball with their bat, fielding at the correct position, and running between the wickets. Matches can be played in single or multiplayer modes, where up to eight players can compete simultaneously. In multiplayer mode, players can form teams of two or four players and battle it out in matches of five overs each.


If you’re looking for a cricket game that’s more realistic than the ones you usually play on your smartphone, Real Cricket 22 is worth checking out. The app features high-quality graphics and natural movements, which makes it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to experience the sport authentically.

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