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GameMagnum Quest
GenreRole Playing
Size797 MB
Mod InfoPremium Unlocked
Latest UpdateJun 26, 2022
AuthorTuyoo Games

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What is Magnum Quest APK

Magnum Quest APK is a distinctive take on the genre of mobile games, which come in a variety of variations. Magnum Quest, an adventure game created by Playrix, tests your ability to save the planet against a malicious wizard. The APK (Android Package Kit) file is what distinguishes Magnum Quest as a unique game.

For those who are unaware, an APK is a form of software that enables developers to make their applications and games available through online marketplaces like Google Play and the App Store. You may play Magnum Quest APK without downloading it.

You click on this link to launch the game. This makes it simple for you to play the game with your friends and check out various stages before deciding whether to buy the complete version.

Magnum Quest

What is Magnum Quest?

The Android Market and the Apple App Store both sell the role-playing game Magnum Quest. You need to manage your time in the game in order to level up and do objectives. As you go, you will come across many monster species, so equip yourself with the strongest weapons to combat these adversaries!


Action role-playing game Magnum Quest sends players on a quest to protect the planet from a wicked sorcerer. There are several characters in the game, and each of them has a unique attack method and set of skills.

Along with fighting dozens of enemies, you also have a tonne of side missions and collections to do.

Features of Magnum Quest APK

A 2017 Android adventure game called Magnum Quest was created by Gameloft and released by Ubisoft. a setting in which the player character defeats challenging stages to save the princess.

The game has a variety of physical and mental challenges to overcome as well as hand-drawn graphics that are evocative of 16-bit video games. To get to the princess and rescue the day, players must use their cunning to overcome riddles and kill foes.

Multiple endings for Magnum Quest are available dependent on player performance, and there is an online scoreboard where players may compare their results with those of their friends.

Magnum Quest

COLLECT Global HEROES WITH Unique Features

Players in the addicting RPG Magnum Quest battle enormous foes in a gloomy setting. The game has simple controls, lively visuals, and a wide range of cooperative objectives. Although there is no cost to download or play the game, users may buy in-game goodies to advance more quickly.


Magnum Quest is the ideal puzzle game for you. To lead the character through the maze while resolving problems is the objective.

Enjoy The Elegant And Stylish Art Throughout The Game.

A free online role-playing game called Magnum Quest was modeled after older Japanese role-playing games. The game has a captivating storyline, difficult fighting, and hand-drawn character designs. The game features gorgeous imagery that users may enjoy at any time.


Magnum Quest is a challenging strategy game that tests your leadership abilities. The game’s difficulties never cease and there are infinite ways to win. Magnum Quest Codes offer something for everyone, whether you wish to take over vast regions, assemble an army in deftly placed strongholds, or engage your adversaries in armed conflict.

Each game, whether played alone or with a friend, is unique and calls for a unique approach. Plan ahead to overcome your opponents by researching them. In order to succeed, one needs powerful allies and diplomatic finesse.

Magnum Quest doesn’t have any accomplishment cap restrictions. You must create a tale.


A hidden object game for Android called Magnum Quest mixes puzzle and adventure aspects. Dirk, a character controlled by the player, explores the islands of magnum quest’s best team in pursuit of lost wealth. To advance throughout the game, Dirk must solve puzzles, dispatch foes, and gather things.

Magnum Quest’s objective is to locate every island’s wealth. These chests are filled with important things like weapons and power-ups. Some of these chests are submerged, while others are in awkward locations or need specialized equipment or expertise to access. You may use them to invest in new abilities and tools that will enable you to achieve greater heights.

Magnum Quest

Extremely Quality Graphics

Magnum Quest is an entertaining and difficult mobile or tablet game. The game appears to be a true adventure because of the excellent visuals. You may start playing right away because the controls are straightforward and quick to understand.

You won’t get bored because the levels are made to become harder and harder. A bonus level is also available, and it may be attained by collecting unique medals. This is ideal for puzzle games and vintage game enthusiasts.

MOD Features

An RPG with a distinctive combat system is Magnum Quest. As you battle your way through dungeons that are produced at random, command your band of adventurers, decide who to send into battle, and give commands.

While the fighting system is turn-based, it also allows for simultaneous actions. Because of this, it is more strategic than other RPGs. In order to aid you in completing your assignments, you can also outfit your party with weapons, armor, and spells.

How to start playing Magnum Quest?

In the quick-paced tower defense game Magnum Quest, you take control of a massive robot to protect a metropolis from waves of invading foes. A narrative mode with 20 levels that may be finished in any order is included in the game, along with daily tasks and assignments to keep you occupied.

Make sure your smartphone is set up with the most recent Android app version before beginning Magnum Quest. Open the app after downloading it, then sign in using your Google account. The primary game panel then shows up, allowing you to choose a level to play.

To begin the game after picking a level, hit START. Different enemies are attacking your city at each stage. You’ll need to fire in order to save him.

How to download and install Magnum Quest Android?

The RPG Magnum Quest was created by Snail Games for Android smartphones. Both Google Play and the App Store provide the option to download the app. There are no in-app purchases, and the purchase price is ยฃ1.19 / $1.99.

Open the program, then select the settings button in the top-right corner of the home screen to get started. The device you want to install can be chosen from a selection that will appear. You may pick which Android device to install if you have many.

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to establish an account after installing and configuring the program. This enables you to share and store your progress.


  • Q: How does Magnum Quest work?
  • A mobile RPG called Magnum Quest was influenced by old-school console RPGs. We provide a singular experience that is unmatched.
  • Q: How does Magnum Quest function?
  • While using the keyboard or controller buttons to fight, cast spells, and carry out other operations, you move your character using touch controls on the left side of the screen. You must traverse perilous
  • dungeons, fend off formidable enemies, and gather wealth in order to advance to the next level.
  • Q: How much time does it take to finish the game?
  • That depends on your playing style and the difficulty level that you choose to start with. Some players finish the main tale in less than ten hours, while others take a little longer to really explore the full game.


This is a challenging puzzle game that puts your tactical and strategic thinking to the test. Magnum Quest, a strategy game from Three Rings, allows you to establish a settlement in a dynamic environment and guide your populace toward prosperity. Use your resources wisely to build sturdy walls, raise your settler population, discover new technologies, and explore other areas so that you may create a trade route with your town.

The object of the game is to conquer every piece of territory that is open to you. For iOS users searching for a challenging puzzle game with gorgeous visuals and engaging gameplay, This is a must-have.

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