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What is Hunt Royale APK

Hunt Royale APK is the first ever 3D Battle Royale game on Android. It has unique gameplay, where you can shoot down other players using your guns and fight for survival in a land full of zombies.

Hunt Royale APK is completely free to download and play. The game was developed by Etopia Game Studio, who also developed another popular battle royale game called Apex Legends.


The gameplay of Hunt Royale is pretty simple. You get to start the game by choosing an animal and then hunting it down using your weapon of choice. After killing the animal, you get to keep its skin or meat as your reward. 

Hunt Royale is a top-rated game that has been downloaded over 100 million times by users worldwide. This means that plenty of people are willing to pay for this app if they’re looking for something fun to do on their mobile devices.

Feature of Hunt Royale APK

Hunt Royale is an excellent game for lovers of action, and it has all the features available in the market and more. The graphics of this game are gorgeous and clear. It makes you feel like playing with an iPad or mobile phone.

You can download Hunt Royale APK from our website and install it on your device easily. This is an awesome game to play with friends or family because it has excellent graphics and multiplayer modes.

The ability to change your skin color and clothes

You can change your skin color and clothes in Hunt Royale, which will be helpful for many people. You can choose from various colors if you have a good look and want to show it off. You can also change the clothes you wear, making you more attractive to others.

The ability to customize your character

You must use the in-game currency to customize your character in this game. You can buy many different items with it: weapons, armor, etc., but most importantly, it is used for buying resources that players need. These resources are not easy to find in the game, so they are worth spending money on.


Hunt Royale is an online multiplayer game where you play as a hunter who tries to kill as many animals as possible. You can hunt deer, wolves, bears, and other animals to complete your tasks.

In addition to hunting, there are also quests that you can complete for rewards, such as money and food. The game has a crafting system where you can craft new weapons or clothing to help you survive in the wild.

Taming animals

The taming animal is a feature that has been present in many games before. In Hunt Royale, you can tame animals to help you with your hunting. However, taming an animal requires time and patience. You need to feed them food and water every single day so that they will be able to live with you peacefully.

As mentioned above, the game has several types of tamed animals. Each type has unique characteristics, making it easier or harder to use in battles against other players. The most common type of tamed animal is the rabbit which is very easy to train but has no special powers or abilities.

Other types include wolves, bears, and foxes which are more potent than rabbits but take more time to train.

Racing on the beach

The game is a beautiful racing game on the beach. The player can control various vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and boats.

The player has to race on the beach and avoid obstacles. The player can unlock new vehicles as he progresses through the game.

The player can unlock new tracks and features by spending coins in the game.


Hunt Royale is an epic fishing game where you can fish with different types of boats, catch fish and sell them to get money.

The gameplay is easy to learn but takes time to master. The game has various fishing rods you can use to catch different types of fish.

There are also two different types of fishing rods in Hunt Royale APK – normal and magical. Standard rods are made from wood and can only catch small fish like trout or salmon, while magical ones are made from stone and can catch larger fish like tuna or swordfish.

Different game modes

Hunt Royale is a game that combines both offline and online modes. This game’s gameplay can be played in both the single-player and the multiplayer modes, with various types of opponents.

There are three different games for you to choose from:

Hunt Royale: Here, you must choose a weapon and kill as many monsters as possible. You can move around on the map or fight them from long distances.

Battle Royale: In this mode, there are no rules. You will have to fight every enemy that comes across your path. You can either run away or attack them at close quarters.

Death Match: In this mode, you will be pitted against other players who are also trying to win the match by killing each other. You need to use weapons and traps to get rid of them before they kill you!

Beautiful graphics

Hunt Royale is a game that is perfect for all ages. It has beautiful graphics, great music, and fun gameplay. If you are looking for a new mobile game, then Hunt Royale is one of the best games you can get.

How to download and install Hunt Royale APK on Android

Step1. Download the APK file from the resolutions listed on our site.

Step2. Open the downloaded APK file. You will see many files in it, so make sure you are opening the right one by checking its size.

Step3. Select your phone’s settings, then “Security” or “Unknown sources,” then allow installation of apps from unknown sources if asked.

Step4. Open the apk and install it normally (make sure you have allowed installation from unknown sources).


  • Q. What is Hunt Royale?
  • Hunt Royale is a multiplayer shooter game that pits players against each other in battle royale-style battles. Players must fight to the death but can also team up with friends to fight more powerful enemies.
  • Q. How does Hunt Royale work?
  • The game features a variety of characters, weapons, and vehicles for players to unlock as they progress through the game’s story mode. Players can also use coins earned from matches to purchase new characters and weapons for their character before entering battle for the first time.
  • Q. What are the play modes in Hunt Royale?
  • The game features two main modes: “Story Mode” and “Battle Mode.” Story Mode follows a narrative storyline. Battle Mode lets players fight against other players or AI-controlled opponents online or locally via split-screen action on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One consoles.


Hunt Royale is a popular game that millions of people worldwide have downloaded. The famous company, Miniclip, develops this game. The developer has made some excellent features in this game, like sniper mode, unlimited ammunition, and more. You can play this game with your friends or family if you have an internet connection.

If you have any queries regarding Hunt Royale APK, feel free to ask us in the comment section below this article. We will answer all your queries as soon as possible!

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